Nov 21st — Gun Show Monday 

img_1234I am sooooo sooooore today all from Sunday’s workout.
I am suffering from a serious case of the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

My thighs are sore and it’s hard to walk, especially up and down the stairs, (damn living on the second floor!) and don’t even mention sitting on the toilet.
I am seriously contemplating doing research on how a woman can pee standing up or thinking how bad will it would be to wear diapers.  :-/

Anyway, since my upper body was feeling relative fine I had no problems showing up today for Monday’s upper body workout.
As you can see from that huge crazy smile in my face, I was set and ready to go.
SMH, I do look a little too happy here.

The trainers at The Camp dubbed Monday’ s workout “Gun Show Monday” but based on today’s workout it should have been called “Monday’s Push-up Hell”.
I’ve never done so many push-ups in my life.
The warm-up consisted of all kinds of push-ups in between mountain climbers, burpees, and crawls. I was sweating away and I knew my heart rate was up.
Just what I needed to get those endorphins flowing through out my body.

We were told to pair up again and as everyone was pairing up I went to a guy that was alone. It was good choice. He wasn’t too fast for me or too slow for me. Actually, he was just fast enough to push me to keep up with him.
I soon forgot about my muscle soreness and just focused on finishing up my workout.

I left my workout feeling quite accomplished and happy.

Driving home with jelly arms was another story.