Reblog: The Sexy Girl At The Gym

Made me smile…

There’s a sexy girl at the gym today, but it’s not either of you two.

You two, preening in front of the weight mirrors, in your tight and colorful gear, but not doing much. You are there to be seen, not to work. True, you’re both good looking, but you are also both mean.

I can tell.

When that other girl walks past, you both whisper to each other and roll your eyes behind her back. I’ve known people like you before. We all have. And mean isn’t sexy. Even when you look like you do.

That other girl though?

Her gym gear is also tight, but not in quite the right way. She’s pretty, but probably doesn’t think so herself – and so she is here, working. And sweating. She spends almost no time at the mirror and almost all her time doing weights. Her hair gets in the way and she sometimes looks a bit awkward. But so do I. And it makes me smile a little.

You two peacocks in the mirror – what do you see when she walks past? I’ll tell you what I see.

That girl has a plan. She has a vision. I can see it in her eyes from all the way over here. She’s here for a reason. And that drive? That attitude? That makes her somehow sexy. Whoever she is doing this for, whether it’s for herself, someone she has, or someone she wants – they are going to love the result.

I can tell.

– rb5577




Is just like me
Is my age, smiles at the same jokes, cries at the same sad stories
Walks past me and in my mind I say
Is getting fit
Believes she is beautiful but why does my mind demean her?
Is loving the way her clothes fit but why does my mind run to the way her clothes are too tight
Is trying to change me from my misperceptions of pretty
Is succeeding
Is unique and so am I


My Creed

chiseilng out the fat....


The poet in me give me the words I need
That I can learn this simple creed,
So I may know the way of life
Enjoy the good, keep out the strife.

Self-discipline is my desire
It will keep me out of the fire,
To increase my own will power
I will not cower.

Emotions are the way I feel
Control of them, they are the real deal,
So I can reason, good or bad
Then keep the joy and shun the sad.

Imagination can light the fire
Can create a vision higher,
My conscience is my judge each day
So I can choose a better way.

In my memory, can impress
All the good I need address,
So in my mind I have power
To live my life this very hour.

Self-discipline it is my creed
And it will give me all I need,
To set the goal I can complete
So I can create a life that’s sweet.