“I had enough.”

“Enough is enough.”

“It’s time to get serious.”

“I will start on Monday”


These and a few more sentences were uttered by yours truly since the beginning of Jan. I had planned on starting when The Camp offered the new challenge but here I am on week 3 and have still yet to get serious and consistent about with my workouts and eating. 


I have many excuses and reasons why. Some are good and some aren’t but in the end, they don’t matter because I am still not eating well or working out. 😦


I am done… Basta!

I am writing it down this time. NO more talking It’s time for action and being held accountable.

I am stronger than this…


5 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Quit Exercising for a Month

Article from

Good news: You won’t die the first time you step back in a gym.

Your day is packed with meetings, parent-teacher conferences, coffee dates, date dates, and binge-watching the latest series to drop on Netflix. Suddenly, Cortana says it’s time to snag some shut-eye and you haven’t made it to the gym. Again.

But is skipping the gym – for days in a row – really that big of a deal? Here’s what the pros have to say about falling off the fitness wagon for a month (or more), and whether it has that drastic of an effect on your health. 

1. Your heart ticks differently.

“After four days of zero aerobic exercise, your heart becomes less efficient, so you may notice shortness of breath sooner,” says Michele Olson, Ph.D., professor of exercise science and lead researcher at Auburn University Montgomery’s Scharff-Olson Kinesiology Lab. Too busy to hit spin class? Counteract this by incorporating more activity into your everyday tasks, Olson suggests. “Walk as much as you can, with your pets or up and down the stairs, and clean like a boss. You don’t even need to leave your house because you have a built-in home gym if you try to be a neat freak,” she says.

2. Your muscles get a little lazy.

Muscle cells generally keep their strength for seven to 14 days, Olson says, which means you have about one to two weeks of wiggle room before you really start to lose any progress you made. That said, you don’t have to worry too much: Spanish researchers found that the average person maintains a relatively constant amount of strength despite four weeks of inactivity. Your muscles may not fire as energetically as they would had you not taken a timeout (so those 10-pound dumbbells may feel a little heavier than they did last month), but you won’t be starting off at square one when you come back from your month-long hiatus. 

3. The skills you worked hardest for disappear.

“As a general rule, the fitness activities that take the most effort to master and maintain will be the first things to go when you ease up,” says Mark Schneider, a personal trainer at Movement Minneapolis. On the contrary, for something that comes naturally, it usually takes more then 30 days to recognize a difference. So if you’re able to run a 5K with no sweat, try busting out those miles again to ease yourself back into a routine. If you struggled to complete a push-up before, it’s likely it’ll happen again – so save that for later when you’re feeling confident again. 

4. Your motivation starts to wane.

While it’s likely that your body will change – at least a little bit – during a month-long hiatus, the real concern is how your motivation will be affected, says Schneider. Generally, the longer you skip out on your workouts, the more difficult it becomes to feel inspired to get back in there. To counteract it, don’t force yourself to go 110 percent as soon as you step in front of those free weights. Instead, “start by doing about 70 percent of what you had been doing before your break, both in time and intensity,” Olson says. And if you took a break because you couldn’t imagine slogging away for one more mile on the treadmill, she suggests trying something new to infuse some excitement back into your routine. You’ll probably experience some soreness either way, but “it shouldn’t take longer than two weeks to adapt again,” says Schneider. “As long as it’s not painful, take that as a sign that you’re coming alive again.” 

5. Your body will crave some type of movement.

Between high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and speedy circuit work, there’s no longer a need to spend hours in the gym in order to score health benefits – this is a concept that still holds true even if you saw your manicurist more often than your trainer the last few weeks. In fact, if you were fairly fit before your break, establishing a streamlined workout schedule may be all you need to maintain your endurance base for several months, which is pretty much perfect if you’re still struggling to squeeze it all in. So cut your usual exercise time by two-thirds while maintaining the same intensity level as before – research shows that if you do, you won’t feel much of a decline in your VO2 max (how much oxygen your body needs to perform a function). That way when you are ready to get back to it with full-force, you won’t be backtracking because you won’t have lost anything. 


Dec 2nd — Gym Workout

img_1499Today my plan was to go and exercise at noon and then take the core class at 1 pm but those plans went south, way south, when I ended up falling asleep on the couch at 11:15 am and didn’t wake up until 1:15 p.m.

I slept for two hours!

It doesn’t surprise me given the work schedule I’ve had for the last week and half and how on Thursday I didn’t go to sleep until past midnight because I had friends over.

Oh well, at least I felt rested when I woke up.

Now, in the past I would have not gone at all, but not now, now I have a different mindset and I went to my gym at 5 pm.
I had a great workout and left the gym swimming in endorphins.

I was a happy girl.

Nov 23th — Nooner and Core Class

img_1345I was excited to come to class, even though I was still sore, today. My trainer Stephanie’s attitude is so irresistible and powerful. She lifts your spirits up.
So, I was excited until I saw the warmup-up.
Ok, I know we are not supposed to be negative but I must get it out. 🙂
UGH, more running! Ay Dios Mio! Tell me it’s not so. I’ve been running since Sunday and I was not in the mood for more running. Not that I am ever looking forward to running but today my legs were sore and my heel was hurting even more. I was not a very happy camper.

But I was not going to quit and with a smile I did my warm-up giving it my all.
Then the fun started with a 22-station obstacle course. I wish I could say I did all the stations but I didn’t. I just couldn’t in the allowed time but I came close to finishing and that is something to be proud of.

I gave it my best and it made me happy.

It’s always a great feeling when you are able to finish what you started.
My high was strong that when our trainer mentioned “Sally” I just thought. “Bring it!”
For those that you don’t know who is Sally. Sally is “Flower” by Moby and basically you squat down when you hear “Green Sally down” and get up when you hear “Green Sally up” and then when you hear “Old miss lucy’s dead…” you squat down and pulse or hold it.

Try it – I dare you.

After all that, I stayed over and did Stephanie’s  30 min core class. That was an intense class.
I am looking forward to having a strong core. 

Nov 22nd — Never Miss Leg Day Tuesday

img_1292Today was leg day and I wasn’t looking forward to going because my thighs are still very sore.
I haven’t told you I have an accountability partner (AP) who is making me stick to my workouts no matter what. He want’s to help me succeed and while he is far away he can still help me.

I am mentioning my AP because he was expecting me to go and work out today and…………………
I really really really didn’t want to work out but I knew I had to find a valid excuse backed by medical science.
Surely, I could google an article that would say

“You can take the day off when your muscles are sore.”

Well, not only did I not find such article but also my AP was not impressed with me trying to convince him that I needed a day off. He clearly told me that it didn’t matter what I showed him and I will still go and workout. That wasn’t all he added that if I didn’t go he would be very disappointed in me.


4 pm came and off I went. Crying, Ok I wasn’t really crying, but I was dreading the pain that I was to endure. I didn’t want to feel that kind of pain.  I was tired — my body was tired.

Deep breaths

Obviously, I survived. I didn’t die but this workout tested my resolve. The running warm-up almost did me in and the circuit training was hard. I couldn’t help but to feel deflated that I couldn’t do the exercises as I normally could.

Through the workout, I fought my way through the negative thoughts and focused on the fact that I was here. That I was burning calories and that in the long run it was going to help me even if I didn’t work to my full capacity.

In the end, I was full of endorphins and I felt very good.
And thanks to my AP, I was glad I went.

Nov 21st — Gun Show Monday 

img_1234I am sooooo sooooore today all from Sunday’s workout.
I am suffering from a serious case of the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

My thighs are sore and it’s hard to walk, especially up and down the stairs, (damn living on the second floor!) and don’t even mention sitting on the toilet.
I am seriously contemplating doing research on how a woman can pee standing up or thinking how bad will it would be to wear diapers.  :-/

Anyway, since my upper body was feeling relative fine I had no problems showing up today for Monday’s upper body workout.
As you can see from that huge crazy smile in my face, I was set and ready to go.
SMH, I do look a little too happy here.

The trainers at The Camp dubbed Monday’ s workout “Gun Show Monday” but based on today’s workout it should have been called “Monday’s Push-up Hell”.
I’ve never done so many push-ups in my life.
The warm-up consisted of all kinds of push-ups in between mountain climbers, burpees, and crawls. I was sweating away and I knew my heart rate was up.
Just what I needed to get those endorphins flowing through out my body.

We were told to pair up again and as everyone was pairing up I went to a guy that was alone. It was good choice. He wasn’t too fast for me or too slow for me. Actually, he was just fast enough to push me to keep up with him.
I soon forgot about my muscle soreness and just focused on finishing up my workout.

I left my workout feeling quite accomplished and happy.

Driving home with jelly arms was another story.

Roxanne Plank and Push-up Song

This song came on today while at the store and it brought me back to Sunday’s workout. Can we say flashback? 😀

At the end of Sunday’s workout I heard Stephanie, our trainer, say…

“Everyone, come together in a full circle.”

We did as she told us, some of us groaning, some of us, like myself, wondering what was going to happen.

“Guys, meet Roxanne….”

Then she went to explain how we are to start this song in a high plank position and hold it there until you hear the word Roxanne. Then you do a push-up. You continue until the song is over.
Easy, Right? 🙂
Naw, it as 3 minutes of body shaking hell. Seriously, towards the middle of the song my whole body was shaking from holding a plank and could barely come down to do my (modified) push-ups.
I need more practice and maybe one day I will be like the super fit guy that was next to me and did the whole song without faltering.

I dare you to have some fun and try it. 🙂

Nov 20 — Sunday Funday

img_1153I woke up feeling hungover but it wasn’t because I had drank the night before. It mostly had to do with lack of sleep due to some stress and bad dreams.
My desire to exercise as planned was quickly fleeting. I could feel my dark mood trying to take over and while my rational mind knew that if I went and worked out I would feel better, my emotional side didn’t want to. That side wanted to wallow in her disappointment. Wrap herself in it and feel the warmness that only apathy can bring.
It was a battle because I didn’t want to succumb to negative emotions. Letting indifference take hold of me is never good for me and the people around me.
It was 7 am now and slowly I started to put on my gym clothes.

Fuck, it’s cold I should just stay home

I am not kidding when I tell you that I was like this girl in this video — trying desperately to talk myself into going to The Camp.

By 7:30 am, I was dressed, ate a protein bar, was ready to go but I was still here!
I needed a push and while I didn’t want to go there, because I wasn’t happy with him, I went there. Regardless of how I felt I knew that if I believed I was going to let him down (even if that wasn’t the case) I would feel worse. So, I just made myself believe.
Sometimes, it’s that easy. The mind is powerful.

And now it was 7:45 am and I needed to leave or I would be late and trust me you don’t want to be late for Stephanie’s class.

It won’t be a surprise for you all to read that my workout was just what I needed and it turned out even better when I saw my friend there. We worked out together doing the warm-up from hell and even a harder workout.
It has been a while since I last worked out and as I went through the stations could feel how weak I’ve gotten. 😦 I lost all my strength and stamina but as my friend told me the recovery will be faster and I will get it back quickly.
I finished the workout feeling tired but quite accomplished at what I was able to do.  I always do better when I work out with a partner.  They give me that extra incentive to push just a little harder.

I was ready to go home, thinking of the nice shower I was going to indulge in, when hear his voice behind me
“You ARE staying for core…”

Damn, I am going to be VERY sore tomorrow.

Reblog: The Sexy Girl At The Gym

Made me smile…

There’s a sexy girl at the gym today, but it’s not either of you two.

You two, preening in front of the weight mirrors, in your tight and colorful gear, but not doing much. You are there to be seen, not to work. True, you’re both good looking, but you are also both mean.

I can tell.

When that other girl walks past, you both whisper to each other and roll your eyes behind her back. I’ve known people like you before. We all have. And mean isn’t sexy. Even when you look like you do.

That other girl though?

Her gym gear is also tight, but not in quite the right way. She’s pretty, but probably doesn’t think so herself – and so she is here, working. And sweating. She spends almost no time at the mirror and almost all her time doing weights. Her hair gets in the way and she sometimes looks a bit awkward. But so do I. And it makes me smile a little.

You two peacocks in the mirror – what do you see when she walks past? I’ll tell you what I see.

That girl has a plan. She has a vision. I can see it in her eyes from all the way over here. She’s here for a reason. And that drive? That attitude? That makes her somehow sexy. Whoever she is doing this for, whether it’s for herself, someone she has, or someone she wants – they are going to love the result.

I can tell.

– rb5577

My Creed

chiseilng out the fat....


The poet in me give me the words I need
That I can learn this simple creed,
So I may know the way of life
Enjoy the good, keep out the strife.

Self-discipline is my desire
It will keep me out of the fire,
To increase my own will power
I will not cower.

Emotions are the way I feel
Control of them, they are the real deal,
So I can reason, good or bad
Then keep the joy and shun the sad.

Imagination can light the fire
Can create a vision higher,
My conscience is my judge each day
So I can choose a better way.

In my memory, can impress
All the good I need address,
So in my mind I have power
To live my life this very hour.

Self-discipline it is my creed
And it will give me all I need,
To set the goal I can complete
So I can create a life that’s sweet.