Say No To The Cookie

A little look from the voice inside my head after I saw these goodies and more at my work. 🙂

Wait. You are telling me you want to eat that!
Do you even realize what it means to eat that?
You are putting the fat directly in your mouth.
Eating chocolate, bread or whatever else you desire will not make you any skinnier.

You want to eat that.
You want to ignore my voice and continue your eating.
Well, I don’t think so.
Do you really want to eat all the fat, put it in your mouth, swallow, gain weight, and disappoint everyone around you?
And worst of all, are you willing to disappoint me?

You know what you will have to do now, right.
Or, do I need to explain it one more time?
Okay. Go stand in front of the mirror.
Take off your clothes and pinch your fat.
Keep repeating;
“I will be skinny. I am fat now. I will be skinny. I am fat now…”
And you will be skinny!
As long as you do not eat that.

You have come too far to take orders from a cookie.

That’s right! I have will power.   👍