The Welcome Letter


Hello! Welcome to My Clean Program, a free online community site where thousands of people on the Cleanse ask questions, share their journey and stay inspired. Here you can keep track of your progress with Clean Journals and join discussions on the Support Forums. Staying on track and well informed is easy with a network of support at your fingertips. There is a handy Search engine in the far upper right corner of the main page and also in the Support Forum area.


Below is a list of helpful resources to get you started. After your Cleanse is over, feel free to stick around to further and share your  knowledge with the community.

Sharing within the community keeps the powerful knowledge about cleansing going.  Remember, we are here to support you and we are all in this together!

Here’s to your health and happiness!

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The Clean 21 Day Program

The Clean Program Overview

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Clean Program Book Version-Recommended Supplements(If you are following the book, Clean)

Clean Program Shopping List

Clean Meal Plan (for the 3 day  Pre Cleanse and 21 Day Clean Program)

Clean Program 3 Day Pre Cleanse Protocol

Why Not? -Why We Exclude Certain Foods On The Clean Program

Clean Program Elimination Diet

Clean Program Approved Foods(extended)

Clean Program Excluded Foods(extended)

Clean Program Recipes– Meals And Shakes

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The Clean 7 Day Program

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(7 day Clean Program Kit is 7 days of our 21-Day Clean Program Kit)

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Do It Yourself Gut Protocol

Gut Food List

The Gut Supplements


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Clean For Life– Maintenance Guide for Post Clean Program