My Reasons To Cleanse

  1. To honor my body, my mind, and my spirit
  2. To be strong, powerful, and fit
  3. To build health and boost longevity
  4. To conquer my food issues, once and for all
  5. To learn the power of moderation, freeing myself from my current hell of “all or nothing”
  6. To instill cravings for the things I know to be good for me (clean food and exercise) instead of cravings for the things I know to be bad.
  7. To erase the guilt of… everything!
  8. To feel proud when I look in the mirror, knowing that I look and feel my best
  9. To lose the weight that has resulted from lack of exercise and poor diet choices
  10. To model to others what it means to be confident and beautiful and at peace in your skin
  11. To start taking care of myself—in all areas of my life
  12. To enter my 40s feeling better than when I entered my 20s
  13. To harbor lightness and energy in my body instead of heaviness and stagnation
  14. To prevent disease and the accompanying potential financial burdens (medical expenses, lack of income, etc)
  15. To replace fear with knowledge
  16. To live the fullest, happiest life I can
  17. To appreciate my so-far lack of medical issues and to not “jinx” it
  18. To engage in physical play with my very active child, without growing tired
  19. To become the best of me
  20. To strive for constant improvement and learning on my health journey, not perfection (knowing perfection is unattainable)
  21. To uncover any hidden food allergies that may be present
  22. To seek a higher level of understanding about my unique and special body
  23. To develop intuitive eating and hunger cues
  24. To transfer energy to the things that matter most
  25. To gain focus and clarity to my priorities
  26. To create a new mindset
  27. To find a new path, as the one I have been following no longer supports my needs
  28. To dig deep within myself to accomplish this very hard thing, knowing that with continued practice it will become effortless

These are my motivations.