Dr. Junger’s Week One Call

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here.

We had an amazing call last night. Thank you to everyone who participated. Make sure to review the call recording, call notes, and resources before we begin the program next Tuesday, January 12th.

Call #1 Recording

The first call focused on two topics, “Is the Clean Program right for me?” and “The Science of Detox.” You can listen to the call and download it here:

Click here to listen to Call #1

Questions Answered by Dr. Junger on Call #1

The Big Picture

1. Why is cleansing and detox so important today?

2. How is the Clean Program different from Juice Cleanses?

3. Why is a juice cleanse not the best fit for normal, daily life?

3. How does the Clean Program adapt the detox process to our busy lives?

Clean Program in Practice

1. Will I feel hungry all the time on the program?

2. How can I overcome emotional eating?

3. What criteria do you use to recommend the program to people?

4. Is this program really something for a guy to do who doesn’t have any serious health issues?

5. I have a lot of anxiety about getting started for the first time, do you have any tips for me?

Resources for Your Program

Pre-cleanse: The Pre-cleanse is how we prepare our bodies for the program. Three days before the program starts, we eat exclusively from the Clean Program Diet. No shakes or supplements, just three solid Clean Diet-approved meals.

If you’re doing the Pre-cleanse, you’ll start it on Saturday, January 9th.

Cleanse Supplement List: If you are doing the cleanse detox using the book, here are the list of supplements we recommend.

Private Online Community Site: If you haven’t signed up already, join our private online community site for recipes, inspiration, group support, and to find a buddy to encourage you along the way.

Book a session with a Wellness Coach: Our wellness coaches are you experienced guides during your program. Book a free 30-minute appointment to get your questions answered and the care you deserve.

Who Should Not Do the Program: Check out the list of who is not a good fit for the 21-Day Program.

I am so looking forward to beginning our group cleanse on Tuesday, January 12th. Have a great week and let me know if you have any questions.

To your health,

Alejandro Junger, M.D.