DAY 1 — Five Minute Freedom Exercise

It’s Day 1 of your Skinny Thinking Challenge!
Here is your Five Minute Freedom Exercise for Day.
You will also find that this exercise has been provided in an attachment for you to print and work on separately.
To make the best use of these Daily Exercises, it is advised to print the attached and keep each days exercise together in a folder or notebook so you can have a record of your journey to changing your relationship with food, weight and your body.
Enjoy Day 1~

DAY 1 – Five Minute Freedom Exercise

The following exercise helps you get in touch with the emotional, physical, and spiritual cost of your eating and weight issues and the freedom you will feel once you you’re your back your power over food:

Freedom Exercise

Close your eyes and get in touch with the impact of food and weight issues in your life. What have they cost you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? How have they impacted your relationship with yourself and others? Have they kept you from following your heart and going after what you’ve wanted? Write down any insight.

Now imagine how your life would be if you felt free and relaxed around food. Imagine that it no longer absorbed your mental energy. You no longer feel powerless or afraid, but aligned, balanced, centered, and confident. How would you live? How would you treat yourself and others? Imagine all of the energy that you used to devote to worrying and thinking about food flowing into creative and fulfilling endeavors in your life. How does your body feel? Notice any emotions or sensations that arise. Use this exercise as often as you can, even once a day, to support the permanent change you’re making in your relationship to food. Record any insights.

This exercise demonstrates the benefits of living free of a food issues and helps you see the cost of keeping addictive foods in your life. This seeing will enable you to make more conscious eating choices rather than listening to the mind’s lies, which tempt you to act out cravings. Ask yourself, “What is my freedom really worth?”

Emotional, physical, or spiritual costs:  record on a separate sheet of paper

The benefits of freedom:  record on a separate sheet of paper

Congratulations on Completing Day 1 of your Skinny Thinking Challenge!

~~I’ll post my answer in the comment section soon.   Posted!


One thought on “DAY 1 — Five Minute Freedom Exercise

  1. Emotional, Physical, or Spiritual costs
    I never had any weight “issues” until my 30’s up to that point I was happy with my body and weight. I ate relatively good but I didn’t pay attention to what I ate. You could say I was pretty lucky then.
    Then… well… a medical event happened that caused my metabolism to change and when you add the depression the weight started creeping in. I stopped exercising, I stopped eating, and when I did eat I ate food that wasn’t good for me at all. I just didn’t care.
    In my mid 30’s I did start to care and I started to lose the weight and started to eat healthy again but since then my weight has been fluctuating. I haven’t been consistent. It affects me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I feel weak and disgraced when I gain more than 10 lbs. 😦
    During my “fat period”, I am not proud nor confident. I tend to feel ashamed of my body, I hide it under layers of clothing, and essentially by shutting out the people that are close to me I become isolated.
    My family and friends do try to help me but as everyone knows no one can help you unless you want to help yourself first.

    The benefits of freedom
    This is where I’ve been for a while. Helping myself. I am reflecting on why I stop eating when I have negativity in my life. Most people seek comfort in food when they feel stressed out, tired or lonely. For me it’s the opposite and just as damaging because when I do eat my body holds on to that and stores it away since it doesn’t know when the next meal will be – my body is on starvation mode.
    If I was free from the impact of my food intake and relaxed about my weight issues I would be the kind of person that I was when I completed my 6-week challenge, back in early September, and lost 20 lbs. I felt confident. I was happy, outgoing, and people noticed. The way I dressed also changed. I no longer wanted to hide. Life was good and I want that kind of life again.


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